Visualization, Structuration, Sonification

Dr. phil Rudolf Kaehr
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( work in progress, vs. 0.3, May 2016 )

Conceptual background

Claviatures gives a glimpse into the usefulness of the sub-rule approach for all kind of cellular automata. The merits of the sub-rule approach becomes evident for highly complex automata where it is practically not achievable to manipulate all single rules of the automaton explicitly.

With the sub-rule approach the single rule configuration that are defining an actual machine are constructed by the chosen keys of the claviature. Like for musical keyboards the melodies are composed by the chose of the keys and are not looked up from a look-up table of stored melodies.

The presentation shows a family of just 3 generations of the evolution of the complexity of morphic cellular automata in the modi of graphics, structure and sound.

The evolution is: from ThreeBox_1.gifto ThreeBox_2.gif and to  ThreeBox_3.gif of  ThreeBox_4.gif.

The morphoThreeBox_5.gif rules of the DCKV ‘pattern machine’ are not anymore restricted by the measures of classical binary cellular automata.

A DCKV rule of morphoThreeBox_6.gif, like {3,0,1,3}→2, has a word length of 4, a rule complexity of 5, and a value complexion of 4.






Paradigm Box

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