“... there is a way to connect a Peano sequence of natural numbers in one ontological locus with the Peano sequence in a different one. This connection is expressed arithmetically and with different degrees of complexity in the proto-, deutero- and trito-numbers. These number systems do not refer to the contexturality of a given ontological locus but to a universal substructure that connects these loci with each other. Thus these numbers have, what we shall call, an inter-ontological semantic relevance. The terms Life, Self or Soul have always been mysterious, because they refer to an inter-ontological phenomenon. Since the classic tradition knows only a sinlge ontology it has no theoretical means at its disposal to describe phenomena which fall...between different ontologies.” (Bd.2, 264)
“Zun�chst mu� festgehalten werden, da� in einem poly-kontexturalen Weltsystem jede Universalkontextur ihre eigene Peano-Folge besitzt, die ausschlie�lich auf sie bezogen ist und die rein intra-kontextural abl�uft.... Unter einem transkontexturalen Zahlenverlauf verstehen wir eine lineare Folge, die intrakontextural in einer gegebenen Universalkontextur beginnt, und nach einer mehr oder weniger gro�en Akkumulation von Einheiten in eine andere Kontextur �berschreitet, dort sich entweder unbeschr�nkt weiter akkumuliert oder aber in gewissen arithmetischen Abst�nden weitere trans-kontexturale �berschreitungen vornimmt.” (Bd.2, 275)
“The point we intend to make here is that our original process of counting will also stop, if we switch over from one ontological locus to another and discover that there is something to count. This will always be the case, if the other ontological locus belongs to a different contextural domain which may combine two or more ontological loci. Such a crossover into a different contexturality would inforce us to start another sequence of natural numbers.” (Bd.2, 253)