ActiveX Lisp Server Demo

(c) 98, Thomas Mahler


The Java class Server forms an interface layer to the virtual machine. This Class is used by both the Command Line Lisp interpreter ( and the applet version (
The same class can be registered as an ActiveX component to provide the webLisp VM as an ActiveX Server in any WinNT/95 based software.
If you don't use MS Internet Explorer or any Browser that supports ActiveX controls continue reading in the section "Installation"

Sample in VBScript

This sample shows how you can include the object in VBSript on a web page.
You can run this sample only in MS Internet Explorer or any Browser that supports ActiveX controls.
The code in VisualBasic or VB for Applications would use the statement "Set objLisp = createobject("weblisp.server")" for instanciating the object and not the HTML <object>-tag, but scripting this object would be the same as here. For Scripting details see the Interface documentation below.

Input/Output pane
delete everything in this textbox and enter some valid lisp code, e.g. (fac 10).



This sample will only run properly if you have installed all necessary components as described here:

  1. All the *.class files of WebLisp have to be in the directory <WinDir>\Java\Trustlib
  2. At the Command Prompt change directory to <WinDir>\Java\Trustlib (e.g. cd winnt\Java\Trustlib)
  3. Run javareg /register /class:server /progid:weblisp.server /clsid:{d3a9a150-7714-11d1-8d99-204c4f4f5020}
  4. Reload this page.</stro