“... to introduce the new logical operation `transjunction` which is responsible for a logic of distributed systems.” (Bd.1, 278)
“By interpreting transjunction as a logical act of rejection this type of operation aquires a specific cybernetic significance. We have already suggested, that transjunction isolates a system (by rejecting it). In doing so, it produces the distinction between a closed system and its environment. This is exactly what a two-valued logic can never do ... For this very purpose we require a value which transcends the scope of the system.” (Bd.1, 318)
“In einer Welt, deren Wirklichkeitsstruktur diskontexturell ist, m�ssen wir annehmen, da� es Kontexturen von geringerer und gr��erer inhaltlicher Koh�sion gibt, und da� Werte aus st�rkeren Kontexturen in den Bereich schw�cherer Kontexturen st�rend eindringen k�nnen.” (Bd.3, 201)