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"The Chinese Challenge"-Teamblog is opening up a discussion about a possible new rationality hidden in the Chinese writing. The main question is: What can we learn from China that China is not teaching us? It is proposed that a study of polycontextural logic and morphogrammatics could be helpful to discover this new kind of rationality. Those topics of polycontexturality are presented at my website and at the complementary Blog Rudy's Diamond Strategies. Start with the "Pamphlet".

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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Chinese Challenge Video-Stills


The Chinese Challenge

—— 对"中国挑战"说的一个注释

Hallucinations for Other Futures

Donna and Shell


What can we learn from China that China is not teaching us?

Europe is lost in its search of the dying and buried roots in Greek heritage.


What can we learn from China that China is not teaching us?


Today, the US-American dream is exhausted!



While Old Europe is still occupied with its Greek roots,
US-America, who got rid of these
European limitations,
now, is missing roots as inspirational resources to design futures.

The necessary decline of America is rooted in its lack of roots.

Today, the US-American dream is exhausted and has come to a closure.

The Chinese Challenge to the West is the re-discovery of a
new way of thinking, again


The Chinese Challenge to the West is not economical, political or military.

It is not the event of a re-awakening economic and technological China which is the Grand Challenge to the West but the possible re-discovery of the operationality of its writing system for the design of new rational formal systems, like new mathematics and new programming languages.

China has found its roots again to build a future.
China’s historical advantage to the West is that its scriptural
resources are not yet exploited.


它怎么可能做? 我们
How can it be done?
let's do it!
The Chinese Challenge to China is to preserve her own culture in
the process of the transition to a new epoch of humanity.

它怎么可能做? 我们做它!
How can it be done? Lets do it!

它怎么可能做? 我们做它!

它怎么可能做? 我们
How can it be done?

我们做它!The Chinese Challenge to China is the chance to re-discover its
way of thinking, again.

let's do it! 我们做它!


Hallucinations always had been at the beginning of cultural revolutions.
It always has been the job of cultural administration to deny it.

Stills from the Video "The Chinese Challenge::中国挑战" about an idea of the new role of China and Chinese thinking beyond economical, political and military matters in English and Chinese by Shell Ni (film maker, Shanghai/London) and Donna Rosso (actress, Ireland/Glasgow) recorded spontaneously by me, holding the wee camera into the air, at a dark Sunday afternoon at the Garnethill/Glasgow viewpoint, edited by Ann Vance (film maker, Glasgow).


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