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Friday, January 23, 2009

Category Glue II

FULL TEXT Glue II/Category Glue II.html

Part II:

How to get rid of glue? From gluing to jumping. A new abstraction, the as-abstraction, and a subversion, the morpho-abstraction, has to be risked to avoid the complicity of category theory with the unavoidable exploitation of (conceptual) resources by the Western approach to interaction and communication in computer science.

To overcome the limitations of the category “glue”, contexturalization and mediation in a chiastic and diamond framework has to be elaborated and achieved to create chances to surpass and subvert such cultural and technological limitations.


Category Glue II

1. Diamond theory of interactivity

1.1. Buffering super glue

1.1.1. Gluing information
1.1.2. Circularity of buffering information

1.2. Streching super glue

1.2.1. Horizontally: Meta-pattern
1.2.2. Pfalzgraf’s Fibered Glue
1.2.3. What are the aims of glued interactions?

1.3. Inhaling glue

2. Getting rid of glue

2.1. Interfaces

2.1.1. Interfaces as mutual representation
2.1.2. Polycontextural approach

2.2. Diamond modeling

2.2.1. General strategies
2.2.2. Categorical composition
2.2.3. Dissemination
2.2.4. Chiasm
2.2.5. Diamondization

2.3. Sketch of formal chiastic and diamond modeling

2.4. Costs and resources

2.4.1. Conceptual analysis
2.4.2. Concept tree analysis


Blogger John Powers said...

A proper hello from John Powers in Western Pennsylvania :-)

When I saw my name my thoughts conjured up this cartoon--as in "Oh no I'm wrong on the Internet again!"

It's a bit galling for people in the know to contend with no-nothings like me on the Internet. Your work is a big jump for me. Still I keeping coming around.

I often engage with people who think along the lines of "New Age" sort of thinking. But very often that sort of thinking proceeds from ingrained western notions of the "one." Not that I'm particularly conversant in the fundamentals of western philosophy, but there's something that seems amiss.

I surely don't understand contextures and polycontectural logic, but seem to get clues to ways of thinking that don't seem quite so amiss.

I'm happy that I pointed a blogger to your essay because I do imagine he is better able to understand it than I and indeed the essay is relevant to the problems of decay of online social networks he's working on.

I'm sorry if my reference to your work in anyway seemed to denigrate it. No offense was intended, merely that my ignorance was showing.

Friday, January 23, 2009  
Anonymous Franz Stowasser said...

"The Logic of the Bailout Strategy " ein erfreulich schöner Text, ein Lichtblick für mich in diesen Tagen, an denen die trüben Tassen der Wirtschaftstheorie eine Ideologie nach der anderen produzieren.

Schreibe viel viel mehr, Rudolf, Gruß Franz

Monday, March 09, 2009  

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