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"The Chinese Challenge"-Teamblog is opening up a discussion about a possible new rationality hidden in the Chinese writing. The main question is: What can we learn from China that China is not teaching us? It is proposed that a study of polycontextural logic and morphogrammatics could be helpful to discover this new kind of rationality. Those topics of polycontexturality are presented at my website and at the complementary Blog Rudy's Diamond Strategies. Start with the "Pamphlet".

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

CCTV-Cogito, ergo sum

The CCTV SSS Cogito Formula

Cogito, ergo sum. (Descartes)

Being watched, ergo sum?

Being watched, ergo registered.

Being registered, ergo killed.

Being killed, ergo watched!

Underground poster referring to CCTV cameras. Photograph: Tony Kyriacou/Rex features

Statutes of liberty
From the Magna Carta to CCTV, a new exhibition at the British Library tells the definitive story of the nation's fight for liberty.

Self-surveillance System (SSS)
CCTV cameras behind the Tron Theater Glasgow watching each other from eye to eye.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Short Studies 2008

Adventures in Diamond Strategies of Changes



Tales and constructions of scripturality beyond iterability and its narrations.

How to write without telling stories and how to write stories without telling?
How to count without numbering? How to number without counting?
How to do both at once without counting on one of both?

Not writing stories is neither accepting nor rejecting story telling and the narration of writing.

Not counting is neither accepting nor rejecting numbering.

Writing is not counting with rejections and acceptance, neither with numbering and telling.

Narration is about and of something, sometimes this something
changes to nothing, writing the nothingness of rejection is fairly struggling with the self-understanding of natural language as such.

"Was mir schön erscheint und was ich machen möchte, ist ein Buch über nichts." (Flaubert/Meier)

Diamond strategies are not moving in a continuum or a labyrinthine field of being and nothingness, sense and non-sense, but jumping in the carré, designing fractured emptiness, not accessible to natural languages.

Neither to the artificiality of formal notational systems.

Saltations, branchings backwards, double salti, turning somersaults, and others, are topological metaphors that are closer to scriptural adventures than continuous iterations of meaningful sentences.

Situational topics, hazardous strategies, unchecked methods; rejecting adjectives.

Conceptual stories and stories of concepts, biographical and actual, transcribed and constructed experiences of anger and love.

Neutrality of observations and inventions entangled with abysmal ennui and annoyance. What else?


Modular Bolognese
Paradoxes of postmodern education.

A Tale of Fishes, Birds and Diamonds in Second-Order Epistemology
Why it is useless to write about the mono-contexturality of alphabetism and digitalism

Chez Maxime's
Human rights in a polycontextural world

Primary Thoughts to a Manifesto for Awareness Fashion Marketing

Which Equality?
How equal are equal human beings?

Generalized Diamonds
From monosemic to tectonic complementarity

Diamond Disremption
Diamond interpretation of the kenomic succession operation

Diamond Web2.0?
How social is social networking?

Web Mobility
Web computing between semiotic and kenomic spaces

Double Cross Playing Diamonds
Understanding interactivity in/between bigraphs and diamonds

Morphogrammatics of Change
A monomorphy based sketch of morphogrammatic transformations

PDF: Studies/Short Studies.pdf