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"The Chinese Challenge"-Teamblog is opening up a discussion about a possible new rationality hidden in the Chinese writing. The main question is: What can we learn from China that China is not teaching us? It is proposed that a study of polycontextural logic and morphogrammatics could be helpful to discover this new kind of rationality. Those topics of polycontexturality are presented at my website and at the complementary Blog Rudy's Diamond Strategies. Start with the "Pamphlet".

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Chinese Challenge-华文?谁怕谁!


The Chinese Challenge

"The Promote Mandarin Council has launched an exciting new initiative, The Chinese Challenge, to encourage Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to enjoy and improve their Mandarin and deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture through experiencing the finest in Chinese culture and language."
"If we can raise the level of Chinese language and appreciation of Chinese culture, it could have an indirect impact on our economy in the future,' he said."

The Chinese Challenge


The Chinese Challenge: Hallucinations for Other Futures

What can we learn from China that China is not teaching us?

It is the paradigm of writing on which main cultures are depending. Their kind of rationality, their efficiency of technology, the way they organize society and communication, arts and sciences, all are not to separate from their paradigm of writing. How people are involved in writing and scriptural practice is enabling their possibility of thinking and living. Main cultures always depend on their paradigm of writing. Writing in general is the most abstract mechanism and technology of cultural, political and technological formations.

中 国对西方的挑战不是经济的、也不是政治的或者军事的;苏醒的技术中国和经济中国这个事件并不构成对西方的所谓的"大挑战",真正的挑战是重新发现她的文字 系统,并设计出新的理性形式系统,就像创造新的数学和新的编程语言一样;是面对一个崛起的中国我们是否做好了充分的准备。

The Chinese Challenge to the West is not economical, political or military. It is not the event of a re-awakening economic and technological China which is the Grand Challenge to the West but the possible re-discovery of the operationality of its writing system for the design of new rational
formal systems, like new mathematics and new programming languages

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